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Show off your reaction speed skills by playing Avatar: 4 Nations Tournament game! Defeat your opponent in this Air Hockey match to find the true master!

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Do you want to see if you’re genuinely a bending master or still a trainee? Then play the 4 Nations Tournament game to find out! You can compete as your favorite Avatar characters and thus choose the element you are going to use.

If you wanted to see where every nation is training their abilities, now you have the chance! It is time for the annual contest, where bending masters are separated from the pretending masters. Gather all your skills and determination for the upcoming battles. Do you think you can win?

Learn how to control your bender!

The game is quite straightforward, and it consists of a challenge between two adversaries, pretty similar to Air Hockey. They are separated in the middle of the battlefield, so it’s going to be a lot of back and forth action.

The primary game objective is to shoot the ball into your opponent’s goal to score! The first player who will score 5 goals will win the round. You need to win 2 out of 3 rounds to win the match.

The faster you learn the controls, the quicker you will score! Use the arrow keys to move around the field and follow the ball. The spacebar is pressed to release the ball and continue the game. For using an offensive skill, you should press the "-" key, and for a defensive skill, the "+" button.

If you feel daring and challenge your friend for a game, his/her controllers will go as follows: W, A, S, D for movement, and "1" and "2" for offensive and defensive skills. 

You can begin your journey by choosing your warrior. You have four choices: Aang -  representing Air Nomads, Zuko - the Fire Nation Prince, Katara - representing Water Tribe, and Toph - from the Earth Kingdom.

At the top of the screen, you have the energy level in green. Pay attention to it, as you can’t use it when it’s empty. But have no worries! It automatically replenishes over time.

Follow these tips for a guaranteed win!

Every so often, you will see things popping up from the ground. If you wish for a higher score, then collect them by running over them or throwing the ball at them. Moreover, you have the chance to gain power by gathering power-ups of your element. But be careful! You will lose energy if you catch different ones.

Momo, the most adorable winged lemur, will also send bonuses to raise your score. For more combo moves and tricks, we suggest you play the tutorials first. There, you will have the greatest masters teach you their secrets: Avatar Roku, Pakku, Uncle Iroh, and The King of Omashu, Bumi. 

When you are playing on your home field, keep in mind that you have a lot of benefits. Take that to your advantage and defeat your opponent!

Succumb into the traditional battle music and get ready to master all four elements to win!