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Practice your skills with Avatar: Aang On game. Bend the air and the water using Aang’s force and protect yourself from the objects that come towards you!

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Our beloved Aang, who is the real Avatar and The Last Airbender needs to master all the other elements as well, not only the air. So here, in the Aang On game, you will get the chance to help him master them all. Do not let the fire nation get you unprepared. Practice until you reach perfection and do not let yourself defeated. 

Air, water, fire, earth. These are all the ingredients that the benders can maneuver. In this game, Aang will only need to get the hang of two elements. These are the water and air. He must protect himself from the peculiar objects that come his way. And he can only do this by using the elements. 

Will you be able to help him understand the importance of practicing? Will you practise until your skills are ideal for battle? And what do you say about protecting your village from evildoers? Can they count on you? Of course, they can. But first of all, do not forget to learn what you need to do.

Practice makes perfect for the Avatar!

Before you begin, make sure you select the complexity of the game. There are three primary levels of difficulty. From the easiest to the longest and toughest, these are the Gulch Trial, the Ravine Challenge and the Canyon Ordeal. Whatever you choose, just be sure that you are prepared for what is about to come.

Help Aang in his practice. He needs to learn how to bend the air, water, and all of the other elements. So this is where you come along. All you need to do is to move the mouse in the direction shown by the metal arrows. Keep the left button of the mouse pressed while moving towards the direction indicated by the arrow. Once you have moved the mouse, you can release the button.

Every time you escape from one object that is coming your way, you will need to move one step forward towards the end. Do this by pressing the spacebar. And make sure you do not wait for too long because the objects will keep coming your way faster than ever. And you need to be prepared to defend yourself when they do.

So what do you think about this training? It seems challenging at first glance, but it will be worth it, in the end. Only by practicing your skills, you will be able to protect your beloved ones. Just press that start button and let’s go!