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About Earth Healers Game

With Avatar: Earth Healers game, you get to join Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph for a genuinely unique mission! Together, you will embark on an exciting journey that will help you learn more about Earth. What is more, you will have the chance to discover how to be mindful of the environment and pay your part in keeping the planet a green and safe environment for all of us!

So, what happened? Our heroes need to fight a thick layer of smog, created by menacing war machines, that has spread everywhere! Can you help Katara clear up the skies? The rest of the team will also lend a helping hand!

Get the hang of the basics to become the defender of the environment!

The game consists of sixteen exciting levels of increasing difficulty. They allow you to solve exciting puzzles and improve your logic and ability to strategize. However, you'll also be in for a lot of fun! The colorful backgrounds and dynamic graphics, as well as the company of your favorite characters from the Last Airbender series, will help you enjoy every second of this exciting game.

Time to get familiar with the gameplay! The concept is relatively simple: to remove smog you need to plant a seed on an adjacent soil patch. However, there is a catch! Seeds are available in three colors: red, yellow, and blue. Seeds of a particular color can only clear up smog of the same color.

What is more, things can get even more complicated! Do you still remember color theory? I sure hope so! You will need to use several seeds to clear up specific patches of smog, like the orange, green, and blue ones. What about white? Better save up a seed in each color for that!

Involve all members of your team for a successful turnout!

The final goal of each level is to clear up all the smog, find the war machines, and then destroy them. What is more, you should do this before you run out of seeds!

Want to hear a helpful tip? Try to clear up every single patch of toxic smoke before you get rid of the menacing polluting devices. Once you reach this stage of the game, you need to decide which member of the Avatar team is best suited to destroy a particular machine. Aang will leave behind a patch of red smog, while Toph will leave a yellow one and Sokka a blue one. Be extremely careful, as you can only use each member of the team once during a level!

This puzzle game will undoubtedly grant you a truly unique experience! Its best feature is the original concept and engaging gameplay. Can you believe that there is no time limit or a limited number of lives? The worse thing that can happen during each level is to get stuck. Try to better your strategy with each failed attempt! You will become a more skilled player and a real defender of the environment in no time!

Game Details and Stats

Earth Healers is an excellent Avatar game that you can play on NuMuKi for free. It has been added to our website on Thursday, September 05, 2019. The game has been played 2839 times so far and has received a rating of 85 / 100 from a total of 62 user votes, 53 likes and 9 dislikes. Earth Healers uses Flash technology. The game window resolution has been optimized for best visual performance, having the width of 900px and the height of 450px. If you enjoy playing Earth Healers, you might be excited finding out that there are 31 more Avatar games you can try! The most popular is Super Brawl 3: Good Vs. Evil and the most recently added is Nick Ultimate Trivia