What are the most popular Strategy Games?

  1. Ben 10: Galactic Champions
  2. Pokemon Tower Defense
  3. Stark Tower Defense
  4. Plants vs. Zombies
  5. Bikini Bottom Chess
  6. Nickelodeon: Kingdoms
  7. Ben 10: Ultimate Defense
  8. Swords and Sandals 2
  9. Avengers Tactics
  10. Stick War

What are the best Strategy Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Ben 10: Galactic Champions
  2. Pokemon Tower Defense
  3. Stark Tower Defense
  4. Plants vs. Zombies
  5. Bikini Bottom Chess

Plan your way to victory!

Dive into the world of online Strategy Games, and enjoy the thrill of becoming a tactical genius! This famous video game genre focuses on the player's power to think and plan. Usually, two rival sides are involved in a battle, and players are the captains of one faction. As a result, instead of controlling just one character, they can take control of many units at once.

Besides, players won't focus on direct actions. Coming up with a plan and making the right moves to make it happen is what it's all about. Hopefully, it's a winning strategy! These challenges will thrill those who think long and hard about every move they make!

Can you believe that strategy challenges are one of the oldest types of games? It turns out that people enjoyed sharpening their wits since ancient times. Naturally, the first such games were tabletops, like checkers, chess, or go. Do they sound familiar? These classics have stood the test of time!

Fast-forward to the '70s, the boom of consoles and PCs allowed fans to experience their favorite games in a new way. Given their popularity, these challenges were some of the first to become video games. Thus, many sub-genres arose, such as turn-based, wargames, or real-time tactics.

Strategy games are for anyone who enjoys using their brain power to win. Regardless of age, anyone can find a quest in this category that pushes them to gain and better their tactical skills. After all, there's nothing more enjoyable than watching the plan you've crafted so carefully work out to bring you victory!

Can you outthink your opponent?

What sets strategy games apart is that they value brains over muscle memory or reflexes. Therefore, it doesn't matter if players aren't that fast. There's no need to rush here! All that matters is a good plan!

Unlike puzzle games that test your wits in a solo quest, strategy quests usually feature two blocs battling for life and death. What a thrill! As you can imagine, competitive players with a taste for adrenaline will enjoy this kind of challenge. It's like a power trip! 

These quests also reward resourceful players. A good leader makes the most of what they have. As you know, each game starts with an arsenal of troops, weapons, or vehicles. Studying them is the key to triumph! Without knowing how to use each unit, the battle is already lost. Besides, players can call in for support and unlock new types of units. What unit fits each situation? It's up to the leader to make the right choice!

Location, location, location! Being able to adapt is vital for any commander. The battleground can make the combat lean to their advantage or lead to a nasty loss. Yikes! For example, a high hill can give a better vantage point while making troops easier to spot!

Luckily, the games in this category let players experience battles on many sites, from classic battlefields to ancient Roman arenas. As a result, players learn and experiment constantly. No room for boredom here!

Experience a variety of Strategy Games!

As you know by now, there are many ways for players to test their tactics. After all, a good strategist can win any battle! We encourage each player to try different sub-genres in this category. No matter what they choose, they'll become better at planning by the end!

Some of the most famous tactical quests involve towers. The mission is simple: defend it at all costs! The enemies are computer-controlled monsters, also known as creeps. They'll move slowly toward the tower and destroy it if they get close. Therefore, the player has to focus on arming their building to keep creeps at bay. As they never stop moving, the steady stream of monsters will keep any aspiring strategist on their toes! For instance, the Minecraft Tower Defense game combines this classic format with another famous game!

Wargames are another must-play sub-genre! Many players are fascinated by famous battles in history. Therefore, playing them with similar troops and locations can be a huge thrill. Besides, players will also brush up on their history knowledge while having lots of fun! Challenges like the Warfare 1917 game allow war nerds to live out their favorite battles from the safety of their homes.

Even if most games in this category involve controlling large units such as troops, one-to-one battles are also an option. However, in the spirit of strategy games, these quests are turn-based. Therefore, it doesn't matter how fast a player moves, but what moves they choose! For example, the Swords and Sandals game lets tacticians train, gear up, and fight as Roman gladiators. How thrilling!

Brainy players of all ages will love our Strategy Games! Using intelligence to overcome a challenge can be more enjoyable than raw force. Besides, aspiring strategists will become smarter with every new challenge they try!

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