Territory War

Lead your stick-figure squad in the Territory War game! Employ tactics, outsmart rivals, and claim victory in exciting turn-based challenges.

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About Territory War Game

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In the Territory War game, you get to lead a team of stick-figure soldiers in various turn-based battles. It's all about strategy and fun, set in different environments where your stickmen move and battle. From naming your team to selecting actions for your soldiers, every choice adds to the adventure.

Your role is to strategize and command your team to victory. In each match, you'll have to think about the best way to position your soldiers, choose when and where to attack using the right weapons, and outsmart the opposing team. It's a test of clever planning and quick thinking, where every move counts in the quest for victory.

How to Play

You'll only need your mouse to play the game. Each turn, you get to control one of your stick-figure soldiers. You can either move the soldier or keep them in place and decide the actions for him to use.

The game also uses keyboard shortcuts to select actions easily. When it's time to attack, you'll see icons for different weapons and actions at the bottom of the screen. These icons correspond to specific keyboard keys, allowing you to quickly choose your action.

Each battle unfolds on a unique map. These maps have various elements, like platforms and bridges, creating different challenges. Your team and the enemy team start on opposite sides of the map. The top left and right corners of the screen show the number of players each team has left, along with their collective health. This helps you keep track of how your team is doing.

When it's your turn, you have two choices: Move or Stay. If you choose to move, remember there's a limit to how far your soldier can go. Once you've moved, or if you decide to stay still, it's time to attack.

The game offers the following weapons, each with its own advantage:

- Grenades: Great for hitting distant enemies or causing damage to a group.

- Gun: Perfect for targeted attacks, especially if an enemy soldier is below half health – a precise shot can take them out instantly.

- Boot: It might seem simple, but it's very effective for pushing enemies off the stage, leading to an instant defeat for them.

What else you should know

The game also features different modes like Campaign and Custom Battle. In Campaign mode, you'll face a series of missions that gradually increase in difficulty. Each mission, like the initial 3 vs 3 island battle, has specific objectives. By completing these missions and challenges, you can unlock more stages, adding variety to your game.

In Custom Battle, you get more freedom. You can choose to battle against the computer or a friend and decide on the number of players and the stage. This mode allows for a more personalized experience, where you can tailor the game to your liking.

This game challenges players to think tactically in every match. With its mix of different weapons, varied maps, and multiple game modes, it's perfect for anyone who enjoys planning and outsmarting their opponents. Ready to test your skills and lead your team to success? Let the battle begin!