Red Tie Runner

Head out on an unconventional platformer adventure with the Red Tie Runner game! Are you ready to face ziplines, lava, and other unexpected obstacles?

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About Red Tie Runner Game

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Play the Red Tie Runner game if you are bored of just jumping from platform to platform! Now you have the opportunity to experience a quirky and surprising adventure. This game stands out as a breath of fresh air in the genre. Don't be fooled by the minimalistic design, as this challenge will include many creative elements! Remember: you should always expect the unexpected!

Are you ready to get started? The game consists of thirty levels, each one featuring a new, unexpected feature. Can you keep up with the pace of this game? Try your best to guide the stickman protagonist to the green door at the end of the level.

Have you noticed that he is wearing a red tie? It's the trademark feature of our protagonist. As you play, you'll discover other silly details that will surely make you smile. 

How to Play

Are you ready to start your adventure? Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move your character around. Jumping is easy as pie! All you need to is press the Space key. The longer you press, the longer your jump will be. Calibrating the length of your leaps will take a while. However, with a little bit of practice, you'll become more precise and agile. That's all you need to know!

Take a close look at your surroundings and figure out the best plan for you! Besides the regular immobile platforms, you'll come across many other types of obstacles. For instance, you'll need to use ziplines to get around. Jump on them and see where you'll end up!

Can you believe that lava will make an appearance as well? Act fast unless you want your beloved character to burn! With each new level, you'll have to face a different setback. Adapt your strategy swiftly and try to win on your first try!

Try your best to reach the checkpoints represented by green flags! They help you advance through every stage of the game. Be careful, as just one false move will kill you, forcing you to return to the last checkpoint. Ouch!

However, if you keep persevering, you'll have the chance to explore the entire game and discover its hidden challenges. Not knowing what to expect next can be such a thrill!