Red Ball 5

Hop up and down with the Red Ball 5 game to experience one of the best platform challenges online! Guide our protagonist as he bounces and collects coins!

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Don't miss out on the Red Ball 5 game if you want to improve your speed and coordination! This platform challenge is part of one of the most popular and challenging series of games. Therefore, you should give it a try and embark on an addictive and fun journey! Besides, if you enjoy this game, you can continue your journey with other installments of the series, such as the Red Ball Forever game!

This challenge consists of 30 levels, set in an enchanted forest. Each one will feature dangerous monsters, as well as platforms and even mini-puzzles. Can you complete all of them and prove your skills? It will be a real challenge, but you'll also have a blast!

How to Play

Moving our protagonist, the red ball, isn't hard at all. All you need to do is use the Left and Right arrow keys to roll around. When you need to bounce, press the Up arrow. Controlling the hero of this adventure requires precision and good timing. Can you do it? There's only one way to find out!

Take a close look at the level before you start moving and make a plan! Your mission is to travel safely from checkpoint to checkpoint until you reach the portal at the end of the level. Just look for the orange flags and turn them green!

On the way, you should try your best to gather all the golden coins. It earns you extra points and a higher rating at the end of the game!

If you want to reach the high score list, move quickly! Check the timer at the top of the screen to see how well you are doing. The faster you go, the more points you'll receive in the end. However, don't rush it! If you make too many mistakes, you'll lose all your lives and start over. Yikes!

What else you should know

Can you overcome any obstacle? Naturally, you'll come across platforms, traps, and jumps. Sometimes, items will even move or disappear! Besides, this adventure also features elements of a puzzle. For instance, you'll need to use boxes to press buttons and unlock certain areas in a level. You'll also come across switches, keys, and even trampolines! Use all of them correctly to advance!

Monsters are dangerous in this universe. Some of them feature spikes, making them impossible to destroy. However, you can also jump on top of some enemies to take them out and earn even more points. Awesome! As you advance through each level, watch out for enemies and make sure they don't steal one of your precious lives. Some of them fly, while others resemble spiders! 

You'll have hours of fun in the company of our protagonist! The red ball is very adventurous, but he needs your help to survive all the dangerous tests in his journey. Give him a hand and find out if you are a master of platform games!

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