Red Ball 1

Play the Red Ball 1 game to jump on a platformer that will challenge you to the max! Can you take advantage of your environment and clear every stage?

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About Red Ball 1 Game

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Partake in a platformer adventure with the Red Ball 1 game! However, this challenge is far from a simple walk in the park! Many obstacles are waiting for you to make the task harder. Can you go past all of them and win every stage?

Your role is to jump, dodge and run until you reach the finish line for every level! Each one will become harder and harder, so you'll have to adjust to whatever situation you may face. Do you think you can get the Red ball through the journey?

How to Play

The game contains twelve different levels for you to complete! Each one will test how fast your reflexes are, so stay alert at every step. The controls are simple enough. Use the Right and Left Arrows to move the red ball around. If you need to jump, press the Up Arrow or the W key. Not so hard, isn't it?

Your goal is to get past every obstacle and reach the finish line. A pro tip would be to look out for the checkpoints because you will start from there if you happen to make a mistake. Each stage will have a new way to make your job harder, but if you are persistent, you will surely end up on top!

The environment can be your friend or your enemy! Look around for platforms that can help you reach places and the buttons that lay around. At the same time, you may encounter many traps, so it's best to be careful when you advance! Not everything it's what it seems.

It's time for you to jump on the adventure! Can you complete all the stages without problems? Get the red ball, and let's see you in action!

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