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About Nimble Ben Game

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    960 x 540
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Try out the Nimble Ben game to see just how fast you are in a platform challenge! You will play the role of Ben, a very agile bunny in a rain forest. Unlike other games in this genre, you won't need to explore an entire realm. Believe it or not, you'll only have to jump on a couple of platforms. Despite this, Nimble Ben's adventure is challenging, even for the most experienced platform players. Give it a try!

Welcome to the lush rain forest! It is the house of swift brown bunnies, as well as menacing black hedgehogs. Naturally, these two species are at war! Your mission is to side with Ben as he tries to collect all 30 coins scattered through the jungle. The dramatic music and lush colors will make everything so much more fun. Why are you waiting? Start hopping!

How to play the game

To move your new friend, Nimble Ben, all you need to do is use the Left and Right arrow keys. To jump, simply press the Up arrow. These are all the controls you'll need to memorize!

Can you spot the gold coin? Try your best to jump from platform to platform and collect it. Once you pick it up, another will appear. Keep doing this until you reach the magic number of 30 coins! It might sound like an easy task, but you'll soon find out that it can be pretty challenging! 

After collecting a couple of coins, you'll notice a red exclamation mark on the screen. Beware, the first hedgehog is on its way! They might seem cute, but they are vicious. Just one touch from them, and Nimble Ben's adventure is over. Therefore, try your best to avoid them!

Besides, the more you play, the more hedgehogs will appear. Can you believe that there can be up to six on the screen at a time? It will be grueling to avoid them all as they move and jump around quickly. Yikes!

Sharpen your reflexes and test your platform abilities with this very fun game! Despite its simple concept, you'll soon find that this challenge is very hard to finish. However, with enough practice, you'll surely succeed. Even if you don't, this game is so much fun!

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