The Ultimate Collection

Take on Ben 10's new multi-level challenge in The Ultimate Collection game! Collect orbs and defeat enemies to pass levels and unlock new Omnitrix heroes!

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About The Ultimate Collection Game

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Ben 10 has prepared a new, multi-level challenge for you in The Ultimate Collection game! As the Omnitrix's power keeps expanding, Ben must test the abilities of all his alien forms through obstacle courses and fights. However, he cannot do this alone and needs your help and skills to learn more about his new transformations! Can you give him a hand?

Your role in this game is to collect orbs, fight enemies, and complete levels to unlock all the aliens from the Omnitrix! You'll have to adapt and learn to use every ability to your advantage against the monsters you encounter! It's time to show them what you can do!

How to Play

To pass through the levels and defeat enemies, use your keyboard. These are the controls and how to use them:
 - Left/Right/Down arrow keys: Move around the map.
 - Up arrow key: Jump.
 - Spacebar: Attack/Hold for a charged attack.

While moving past the obstacles and eliminating enemies, make sure you avoid getting hit. Although Ben's aliens are strong, one hit from a monster is enough to defeat them, and you will have to start over.

To get to the end goal, which is the portal, you must collect all the green orbs around the map. After you grab the energy orbs, the portal will open, and you can advance to the next level. You'll know the gate is open when it turns light green.

What else you should know

As you pass through levels and unlock new aliens, you must remember that each has different abilities. Therefore, you'll need to adapt your gameplay to each style.

Lastly, each stage has two difficulty levels: Easy and Hard. However, you only need to beat the Easy mode to advance to the next levels and finish the game. At the same time, winning the Hard Mode is the ultimate proof that your skills are up to par for this challenge!

Are you ready to beat this challenge and learn more about Ben's new heroes? Try your best, and you'll succeed in no time!