Grey Matter Leap

Help Ben 10 cross the toxic lake in the Grey Matter Leap game! Can you time your jumps from platform to platform while avoiding falling into the waters?

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About Grey Matter Leap Game

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Ben 10 must use his frog-like alien form and make it to the other side of the toxic lake in the Grey Matter Leap game! Another mission, another deadly situation. Unfortunately, a long and unforgiving poisonous lake stands between him and his target. With the help of tiny Grey Matter, he can make it to the other side by leaping from platform to platform. But he must be careful not to slip. Are you ready for this tense mission?

Your job is to jump onto the yellow platforms and get as far as possible without falling into the toxic lake. This game is about timing, so you'll need to focus and get used to the hero's erratic movement before taking a leap of faith. If you do your best, you'll reach the other side unharmed!

How to Play

To perform a jump, use your mouse. The platforms will move from side to side, and the only way you can move between them is to click at the perfect time. Although it doesn't seem difficult, Grey Matter's leaps are slightly delayed, so you can slip at any time.

As mentioned before, you must stay on the platforms to survive. Your score will increase based on how many yellow platforms you successfully landed on. However, the game will end right away if you trip and fall into the toxic lake!

Besides timing your leaps, you'll also have to pay attention to the movement of the platforms. Some move quicker than others and have different sizes, so it's not difficult to make mistakes and land on an empty spot. However, this challenge is not timed, so you focus and make each jump count!

Can you get Grey Matter to the other side of the toxic lake unharmed? All you have to do is take a leap of faith!