Ben 10: Ultimate Defense

Help Ben 10 protect the world from enemy waves in the Ultimate Defense game! Build your defense line with alien turrets, and don't let anyone through!

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About Ben 10: Ultimate Defense Game

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In the Ultimate Defense game, Ben 10 must protect the Rust Bucket from waves of dangerous aliens! Unfortunately, aliens from all over the universe have invaded Ben's hometown. He is now forced to use his Omnitrix and the Ultimate Form turret transformations to defend his grandfather's RV and the entire planet from doom. Can you help him in his quest?

Your goal in this game is to build your defense lines with the help of Ben 10's turrets and prevent the waves of aliens from passing through and reaching the RV. This task requires good strategy and patience, like any usual tower defense challenge. So take your time, assess the situation, and build a strong wall against the enemies!

How to Play

To build your defense line, you'll only need your mouse. First, pick the turrets you'd like to put on the field. Each has its own function and advantage, so it's up to you to build effective defenses. Then, click on the turret and place it in one of the available squares. You can arrange your defense line however you want, but try your best to protect each angle.

Each deployed turret will automatically fire at the enemies, so you shouldn't worry about that. Your only concern is to build enough turrets to match the approaching enemy units. Their number will only increase with each new level, so you should also adjust your strategy.

However, you'll need the power of the Omnitrix to build more turrets. Luckily, Omnitrix energy pods will randomly fall from the sky every now and then. To grab those, just hover your mouse over them.

There's more you should know!

You'll also get some golden Sumo cards when defeating enemies every now and then. You can use those to buy various upgrades at the end of the round. These can increase your attack power, speed, or turrets' health. Other more expensive upgrades include Nuclear Fusion Grenades and a Null Void Projector.

As you advance through the stages, you'll also face new types of enemies. Some can take more damage or use shields to push past your defenses. So you'll need to adjust your firepower to match those as well.

Lastly, whenever you're not happy with a deployed turret's position, you can use the shovel icon to remove it. However, this option won't get back any of the money spent on that turret, so use it with caution.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to build the most powerful alien defense line and protect the planet from its enemies? Nothing will stand against you!