Omnitrix Unleashed(aka Big Battle)

Help Ben break the mind-controlling spell in the Omnitrix Unleashed(aka Big Battle) game! Can you use the aliens' forces to take down the zombie soldiers?

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About Omnitrix Unleashed(aka Big Battle) Game

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Ben 10 and his team stumbled upon a strange phenomenon in the Omnitrix Unleashed(also known as Big Battle) game. It turned out that a police deposit signaled paranormal activity during the last couple of weeks. When the team went there to check what was going on, something weird but also funny occurred: all the police officers were acting like chickens!

However, things didn't turn out to be funny when the officers started shooting at the Tennysons, even though they were the good guys. Your job is to help Ben fight off all the guards, using his Omnitrix and various alien superpowers, and find out what's causing all this fuss.

How to Play

Let's get to the bottom of this, shall we? Once Ben transforms, you'll have to guide him through the deposit and start exploring the place. Here are the controls you should use:

 - Arrow Keys: Move around each area.

 - X: Jump.

 - Z: Attack.

 - Spacebar: Use Alien's Superpower.

 - C + Arrow Key: Choose the alien form.

You will encounter many soldiers on your way, so you need to be prepared. Most of the time, launching a frontal attack should be enough to put them down. At the same time, the more enemies you bring down, the more your Omnitrix will be charged. Once it is fueled, you can use it for a super attack.

Each character on the watch has a different superpower, so you'll never know until you try. You'll be able to test a new alien with each level you finish. Once you've gathered all of them, you'll be able to choose in mid-battle which one to use.

Lastly, collecting 3 sumo cards will grant you an extra life! Try to hit and smash the boxes in the deposit, and see if a sumo card or an Energy green orb is hiding there.

Now that you know all the tricks, are you ready to outsmart the soldiers? Use all your supernatural weapons, and prepare for what more challenges might yet await ahead!