Xingo Mayhem

Help Ben 10 beat the cunning fox's challenge in the Xingo Mayhem game! Pick your hero, collect coins, and destroy all the items while avoiding bombs!

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About Xingo Mayhem Game

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Ben 10 is ready to have fun with a new and entertaining challenge in the Xingo Mayhem game! The cunning cartoon fox is up to its old shenanigans and wants to test Ben's quick reflexes! Are you up for the challenge?

Your job in this game is to transform into various heroes and break all the items thrown by Xingo to collect coins! Only agility and impressive karate kicks will help you beat the fox's challenge!

How to Play

The first thing you need to do is choose your hero. Then, as Xingo starts throwing items in the air, click or tap on them to destroy them. If you kick them in rapid succession, you'll gain more points and coins!

If Xingo passes by in his little alien ship, click on him. Then, click or tap as quickly as possible to receive some extra coins. The more coins you get, the better, as you can unlock more aliens in the Omnitrix and buy updates!

During your jumps, you must avoid touching or kicking any bombs. They will often be thrown along with the other objects and are hard to notice, so keep your eyes peeled! If you kick a bomb, it will explode and end the game!

At last, you can gain a special power-up if you keep breaking items without fail. Once the Omnitrix flashes green, you can click on it to unleash the alien's unique power!

Now that you know all the tricks, will you beat Xingo's fun challenge? It's time to impress the sly fox with your powerful kicks!