Forever Tower

Help Ben 10 reach the top of the enemy headquarters in the Forever Tower game! Switch between heroes and break the elemental barriers as you ascend!

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About Forever Tower Game

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It's time for Ben 10 to transform and break the elemental barriers in the Forever Tower game! After searching for months, Ben has finally found the Forever Knights' tower. However, he must first pass the barricades before he can reach the top and defeat his enemies. Will you join him in this adventure? 

Your role is to help Ben switch between his alien forms to break the elemental barriers and make it to the top of the towers! This game requires concentration and quick reflexes, but once you get the hang of it, you'll destroy every obstacle in your way!

How to Play

The first thing you can do is focus on the element of the barriers you're about to break during your lift. They can be made of fire, a thick crystal, or electricity. Then, click or tap to switch between Diamondhead, Heatblast, or Shock Rock, and destroy the barriers!

Your hero's element should match the barriers to eliminate it. For instance, you'll lose a life if you try to break a fire blockade while transforming into Diamondhead. You only have three chances to reach the top of the tower before it's game over!

Every once in a while, when the meter fills up, you'll be able to transform into Cannonbolt. His shell is strong enough to break through any elemental barrier, so you'll be able to advance through levels without much hassle. He can also replenish your lives and continue the adventure up to three times if you've lost yours during the round!

So what do you think? Are you ready to reach the top of the tower and eliminate Ben's enemies once and for all? No barrier can stand in your way!