Toon Cup 2018

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Play Toon Cup 2018

About Toon Cup 2018 Game

Every character from all of your beloved cartoons has gathered together to compete with each other in the world`s greatest soccer tournament ever. Does it sound unbelievable? It is as real as you and me, only in The Toon Cup 2018 Game.

Choose your team wisely and reach to the top of the today`s leaderboard. Do not forget the most important part, though: the only way to be the best when you start the game is achieved with intensive training. So before beginning the actual tournament, train your team and learn the techniques through the game. All you need to do is coordinate the players using the arrows. They will follow any direction you lead them towards. Take the ball from an opponent`s possession by pressing the spacebar. When you want to score a goal, make sure to hold the spacebar so the ball would gain as much speed and power as it possibly can.

If you have trained yourself intensively, that means you are officially ready to begin the tournament. Choose the county that you want to represent. Whether it is from Europe, Asia or America; whether it is Belgium, Spain, Argentina or Congo, it stands only in your team`s skills and determination to make the country proud and be the next Toon Cup champion. After choosing the country, you get to also select the team`s captain and the team`s players, from your favorite cartoon characters. Ben Ten? Teen Titans? Gumball? The Powerpuff Girls? It is up to you to select them the way you want. Each player has the speed, strength, and ability to aim measured on their character`s chart that is displayed at the beginning of the tournament. Make sure to read them and choose carefully so that your favorite cartoon characters also have the abilities that are required to lead you towards success. Defeat any single opponent team that comes in your path to winning.

Greatness can be achieved only with real determination, focus, amazing skills, and most importantly good teamwork. Let`s show the world how powerful your team really is and win the Toon Cup with the help of the most beloved characters.

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