Toon Cup 2016

Prepare for a great football tournament in the Toon Cup 2016 game! Choose between your favorite CN characters to assemble your team and start scoring goals!

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About Toon Cup 2016 Game

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Your favorite Cartoon Network characters are going up against each other in the Toon Cup 2016 game! A new football tournament has started, and it got everyone eager to win! Your job is to assemble the team that can defeat any opponent in the matches! Mix and match characters to get the best results! 

You can select famous names from several different cartoons to be part of your team! Characters from shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, or The Amazing World of Gumball are ready to take on this new challenge! Mix and match them all to get the best results!

Upon starting the adventure, you have to pick between two modes Quickplay and Tournament! If you want to practice your skills, choose Quickplay! After that, when you feel prepared to take on different teams, play the Tournament mode, and defeat the others!

How to Play

For both modes, you have to choose a country that will represent your team! You also need to pick a captain and two other teammates! Keep in mind that some of the characters are slower than others, and will cause you trouble! 

After all that is completed, the actual game can finally start! To move the characters around, use the Right and Left arrows! If you want to quickly change directions, press the Up and Down arrows! More than that, the Z key helps you pass the ball to another teammate, or tackle your opponent to steal the ball! When you are close to the other team’s goalposts, use it again to score!

Additionally, there is another button that will give you extra benefits! After you have played for a while, you can use the X button for a Power Shot that guaranties a goal!

Moreover, make sure to look around for bonus items! Things such as blue presents will make your characters move faster across the field! However, stay away from banana peels, as they make your characters stumble and fall! 

You need to pay close attention to how every match evolves if you want to win! Choose the best players, and have your team defeat all your opponents!

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