The Great Chowder Escape

Play The Great Chowder Escape game to help the cute hero find his way out of the maze! Collect treats and bonuses while running away from the pesky Panini!

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Help the hungry fellow in his quest to eat all the tasty treats in The Great Chowder Escape game! Oh no! Chowder got trapped in a maze with Panini, the obsessed girl with a big crush on him! He would be more upset if there weren't a lot of yummy treats around the labyrinth! Now all he needs to do is avoid Panini and get out with all the goodies! Will you help him?

Your goal is to collect the delicious treats scattered around the maze and avoid the energetic girl chasing Chowder! Nobody knows what Panini might do once she gets her hands on our hero, so keep him as far as possible! It only takes a couple of turns and a good sense of direction!

How to Play

Make your way around the labyrinth by using your keyboard! The arrow keys will allow you to move all over the maze as you collect the treats. You can use the stairs on either side of the map to move from one corner to the other, but be careful! Panini can do the same and use it against you!

Avoid walking in Panini's way or anywhere close to her because she will start following you! You only have three chances to complete the maze by collecting all the sweets! If Panini catches up to you a fourth time, it's game over.

You can also collect bonuses while out and about in the maze. For example, you can grab some healthy food for extra points or hop onto a Kimchi Power Pill to scare off the pesky Panini! From time to time, there will be a bonus life somewhere in the maze! Take it and increase your chances of escaping!

Are you prepared to help Chowder fill his empty stomach while running away from young love? Time for a yummy and dangerous adventure!