Dance of Doom

Play Dance of Doom game, and help Skips beat Klorgbane with the Fist of Justice. Collect all the coins and jump over the obstacles in your way!

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About Dance of Doom Game

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Skips is a loyal friend and a brave character from Regular Show. Today he has to fight against the evil Klorgbane to protect himself and his friends. The only problem is that he needs to beat him back in his younger days when they went to school together. In the Dance of Doom game, you have the chance to meet a young Skips and to help him beat the bullies from his high school.

Klorgbane was a bully even since the high-school time, and he loved to make troubles for Skips. Now it is Skips chance to change these things, and give Klorgbane a lesson. Skips has the Fist of Justice, but without your help, it will not be enough to stop Klorgbane before he ruins the school dance.

It will not be easy at all for Skips to face all the obstacles that Klorgbane put in his way. Moving floors, evil characters, and even time is an enemy for Skips. He needs all the power he can have and a lot of good luck to fight his way through every obstacle until he finds Klorgbane.

How to Play

You can be a good friend, and help Skips win this fight once and for all. Using the mouse, make sure Skips moves around, and click on the screen when Skips needs to jump.

Collect every coin you can on your way. Each coin means five points, and when you collect more points, you will be able to buy some upgrades for Skips. You can get more lives or even more time. More than that, you can become faster or make the Fist of Justice more powerful. It all depends on how you want to spend your money. After you buy what you need, click the play button, and go on until you find Klorgbane.

Do not give up after the first tries. You should keep trying until you win the game.