Battle of the Behemoths

Join the robots battle with Mordecai and Rigby in Regular Show: Battle of the Behemoths game! Customize your character and start the fight!

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About Battle of the Behemoths Game

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Imagine that you have the power to fight with some of the most powerful creatures on earth, on a one to one fight. You may never know what it brings you, and if you are going to survive or lose the game. The characters from the Regular Show are brave enough to have such a battle and see which one is the best of them all. In the Battle of the Behemoths game, you have the chance to meet them, and see who the best warrior is.

The game is going to be an all-out duel of destruction between all the characters. You need to choose your favorite hero and play against everyone else. Each person has some specific moves and kicks. Choose between Baby Ducks, Evil Geese, Guardian of Secrets, VCR-arbitrator, Snowballs, and the Warlock. All of them will amaze you with their set of moves.

How to Play

To control the character, you have to use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Using the Z key on your keyboard, you will be able to make some foot kicks. The X key will help you to use your fist. When you press the C key at the same time with the arrow keys, the character that you chose will perform some special kicks.  Make sure you end all the life of your opponent before he ends yours.

One battle has three rounds. You need to win at least two of them to win the game and go to the next level. If you win the first two rounds, you will not need to play the third one, and you will go straight to the next battle. The game ends when you run out of life in two rounds.

Good luck!