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About Just A Regular Game Game

Life with Mordecai and Rigby will never be boring. They find something interesting to do, and a new game to play every day of their lives. In a Just a Regular Game, you will discover the beauty of spending time with your favorite characters from A Regular Show. The game has three different parts, where you have to run from the Moon Monster, to throw rocks at the Destroyer of Worlds, or to put the hurt on a wrestler-shaped pillow in their bedroom.

Whatever activity you choose, we are sure that you will have the time of your life. For the first activity, Beef Burrito said some bad things about Rigby’s mom, and now Rigby is angry. He wants to teach Beef Burrito a lesson, and with the help of Mordecai, he wants to beat him. Drag the trampoline to aim, and click to drop Rigby. He will jump, and if he gets to Beef Burrito, he will wrestle with him to gain points. In the second activity, Rigby sent Skips to the moon accidentally. Now he is sorry, and he wants to help him escape from the Moon Monster, and get home. Move the car with your mouse, and click to jump over the wholes. Skips depends on you to get home in time.

On the last mission, Mordecai and Rigby need to distract the Destroyer of Worlds until the help arrives. Hit him in his weak spots with rocks, and make sure he does not finish you before the help arrives. Use your mouse to aim, and click to throw the rocks. When the help is there, click to stop the Destroyer’s attacks, and make sure you finish him before he finishes you. We wish you good luck!

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