Escape from Ninja Dojo

Play Regular Show: Escape from Ninja Dojo game, and help Rigby escape from a video game. Kill all the ninjas, and collect as many points as you can!

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Mordecai and Rigby are big fans of video games. They love to play video games in their free time, and they buy all kind of new video games. Today Rigby came home with a new video game, Ninja Dojo. Even if Mordecai asked him not to play the game because it can be dangerous, he did not listen, and now he fell into a trap. In the Escape from Ninja Dojo game, you have to help Rigby get out of the game, and turn back to his life.

To help Rigby pass the levels of the game, you need to use your mouse to control him. Click on Rigby, and drag the cursor of the mouse until you see an arrow on the screen. If it has a red color, it means that you will not be able to jump in that direction. When its color is white, you can do it with no problems.

Assist Rigby in passing the levels

More than this, you can use your mouse to look around you, and see who is waiting for you at the other corners. The wood and black floors are sticky. It means that you can step on them with no problems. The metal items are not sticky, and if you try to jump on them, you will fall. You can find mushrooms on your way. They will help you bounce and jump higher.

Avoid all the dangerous things. They have spikes, and it will hurt you if you touch it. Hit the Ninja Das to open portals, and smash every item that you find to score. More than this, avoid the red ninjas. They are deadly and will make you lose a life. You can use earth power, the firepower, and the water power if you want.

Do your best to escape from the video world, and go back home.