Cupcakes of Doom

Play Cupcakes of Doom game, and help Mordecai and Rigby to beat Klorgbane! Collect all the coins in your way and watch out for the possessed guardians!

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About Cupcakes of Doom Game

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Mordecai and Rigby love to cook, and more than that, they like all kind of sweets. Today they found a new recipe of cupcakes, and they want to try it. Only after they finished the cakes, they discovered that the recipe was a trap from Klorgbane. The guardians of eternal youth ate the cupcakes, and now they are possessed. It depends on Mordecai and Rigby to fix the problem in the Cupcakes of Doom game!

The only solution they have if the Milk of Redemption. It will break Klorgbanes's curse, and everything will go back to normal. To get the milk, they need a lot of help from everyone they know.

How to Play

Skips already promised them to help to get the milk in time. He came with the fists of justice, and together they are going to race through the courses until they find Klorgbane and defeat him. Your help would be perfect for Mordecai and Rigby. The race will not be easy, because of the possessed guardians who will try to stop you.

Use the left and right arrow keys to move from one side to the other one, and to avoid the guardians. The down arrow key will help you break. When you want to attach your opponents, you need to press the spacebar key on your keyboard. Collect all the coins for extra points, the sandwiches for health, the clocks for spare time, the fists for double punch power and the shoes for speed.

You will finish the game only if you keep on trying. Do not give up from the first tries.