RigBMX 2 - Crash Curse

Rigby is back for another part of an exciting adventure in the RigBMX 2 game! Ride a sports bike with your friend and escape the obstacle course together!

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About RigBMX 2 - Crash Curse Game

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Your crazy friend Rigby is back for the second part of an exciting adventure in the RigBMX 2 game! The wacky raccoon has turned into a sports bike, and he's ready for another race. Join the fun and prepare for a fast-paced escape mission! Do you have what it takes to help your buddy?

Just like any other adventure game, you're gonna need to put in some effort to complete the challenge! Rigby, who has turned into a BMX bicycle, needs to ride through the slopes and arrive at the finish line. Your job is to guide your friend through a crazy labyrinth full of obstacles and help him reach the end. Ride your bike, do some cool tricks, and escape a strange world!

How to Play

To take control of your bicycle and help Rigby, all you have to do is press the Right arrow key on your keyboard to move forward or the Left one to go back. If you need an extra boost of speed, don't worry! You can hold the Space bar, and the raccoon will start wagging his tail. Seems fun, doesn't it?

The game has six new stages for you to try! The challenges are different, but you will still meet your friends, such as Death, Pops, or Skips. Pay attention to the arrows, follow the road, and reach the end of this crazy labyrinth! You will meet even more of The Regular Show cast along the way.

To pass each stage, you will need to ride through a colorful but surreal obstacle course and go through all the checkpoints to get to the end. Of course, there are many challenges along the way, like moving barriers, high peaks, or holes that you can fall into! Beware of the hindrances and ride your bike quickly and safely! If you need to restart the stage, you can do so by pressing the R key.

Join the fun and help your friend finish the race! John Rigby and come along for the ride now!