Daredevil Danger

Join the motorcycle challenge in Regular Show: Daredevil Danger game. Collect the coins, ride faster than anyone, and be the best in this race!

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Let’s see who is ready for the race of the century. Are you? Then get your motor loaded and play Regular Show: Daredevil Danger game. See what the funky characters have in plan for this thrilling challenge. Only you can be the new winner of the races. Show them that you are not just a regular player.

You can be the most fantastic player in the history of motorcycling. All you need is courage and proper training. But if you follow the instructions as they are, nobody will come to any harm, and you will definitely win the big prize. So what are you waiting for? Get the engine started.

There will be three difficulties: rookie, regular stunt, and stunt master. Each of them having more levels and each level, a different set of challenges. You get to choose the character that you want to compete for you. Will it be Muscleman? Or maybe Rigby? You can even choose to be Mordecai or the Hi-Five Ghost. Just select the best champion and start the journey right now.

Ride the bike like a real Daredevil!

First of all, before you begin, you must know how to move around. To get started and accelerate, all you need to do is to press the “up” arrow key. The longer you keep it pressed, the faster you will be riding. The “Z” key will give you some extra power. Do not be afraid to go turbo. It will definitely increase your chances of completing all the challenges. 

Each level has a unique set of duties to fulfill. You will see them listed at the beginning of every level in a box on the left side of the screen. Do not worry, though. If you are fast enough, you will check them all in no time. Oh, and the most important thing in each of the levels will be to collect as many coins as possible, of course. Every daredevil loves its money.

Make sure you do not use the turbo button too much, because you might run out of energy. Also, do not trip or fall down. You will ruin the level if that happens. Use the “left” and “right” arrow keys to reposition if you feel like you are losing the balance. And just be careful about everything. 

So are you ready to begin the adventure of your life? Get on that motorcycle and start your race!