Demonic Naptime

The demons have no rest in Demonic Naptime game. Protect the baby while he is napping, keep him away from the monsters and be the best guardian!

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So many demons in the Demonic Naptime game. And the baby is napping peacefully. Little does he know that he is in great danger. You are the only one who can protect the tiny creature and keep him safe until he wakes up again, fully rested. 

We all know that a baby needs a lot of rest. And the nightmares are definitely not welcomed. Especially when they are with evil demons and monsters. In this game, you have to be that baby’s guardian. Grab him, protect him, and do not let any of the demons get to him while he sleeps. 

The game consists of more stages. The difficulty of the levels will increase as you evolve and advance through the game. Initially, you will only encounter one single demon, in an empty field. But the demons will grow in number and the obstacles will keep appearing from stage to stage. You will need to keep your baby safe from all of the dangers. So let’s see how to do this

Protect the sleeping baby!

In the beginning, the guardian and the baby will fall through a portal in a dungeon field with demons. The point of the game is to keep the baby as far away from the demons as possible. And do not forget to do this for the longest time. You will see how well the baby is rested by the nap bar, at the top left corner of the screen.

When that bar is full, you will be able to move on to another level. If you see a demon approaching, grab the sleeping baby and take him further away from the beast using the space-bar. To help your character move around, all you need to do is to press the arrow keys. Do not be afraid. Those demons might look scary, but you are faster than every one of them.

If any of the demons reach the baby, your chances will decrease. You begin each stage with three attempts. If all of them are lost, the baby will wake up angry, and you will have to restart the stage. If the objects around are stopping you from keeping the child safe, just grab them by pressing the space-bar and throw them far away. 

So what do you say? Do you feel prepared to keep the baby safe while he is napping? Then just grab him and run away from those monsters. You can make it!