What are the most popular Regular Show Games?

  1. Fist Punch
  2. Fist Punch 2
  3. Battle of the Behemoths
  4. Just A Regular Game
  5. Nightmare-Athon
  6. Park Strikers
  7. Toon Cup 2016
  8. Winging It
  9. Escape from Ninja Dojo
  10. Toon Cup Africa

What are the best Regular Show Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Fist Punch
  2. Battle of the Behemoths
  3. Just A Regular Game
  4. Toon Cup 2016
  5. Winging It

Experience the little spark of wonder in the monotony of daily life!

You must try the Regular Show Games if you are bored with the monotony of day-to-day existence! For instance, have you ever gazed blankly out the window for hours, waiting for the day to be over? Are you looking for a little surreal fun that can take your mind off your bland life? We have the perfect solution for you!

Let us introduce you to an American animated television sitcom that has captured the hearts of young and old Cartoon Network enthusiasts for over seven years! I'm talking about Regular Show, a cartoon created by J. G. Quintel, one of the up and coming artists in the field of animation. 

The premise behind his show is simple: two regular friends with regular jobs and boring lives tackle a simple day to day issue. Doesn't sound that exciting? Just have a little patience!

Despite its simple concept, this exciting series will keep you glued to the television for hours! How come? Thanks to Quintel's personal touch of creativity, any boring task can turn into a surreal and thrilling adventure. It turns out that whenever the two main heroes of the show try to get past a minor setback, they trigger a sequence of unpredictable actions.

For instance, they might send everyone to the moon, stumble across an alien religion, or even unleash nefarious forces! Are you curious? Just join the iconic duo of friends for a movie night and watch it transform into an epic monster battle with the Battle of the Behemoths game!

Meet Mordecai and Rigby, a duo to be reckoned with!

Obviously, the core of this cartoon series, as well as the most remarkable feature of Regular Show Games, is the iconic duo: Mordecai and Rigby! Can you believe that the two twenty-three-year-olds were either too cool or too dumb for school? Now they both work as groundskeepers at a park. Oh, and they are also desperately trying to escape boredom!

To begin with, let's meet Mordecai! Isn't he a little funny looking? This tall and skinny blue-jay looks a bit like a human. What is more, he also boasts a distinct personality!

Mordecai represents the stereotype of an average young-adult in our day and age: he is laid back, loves to have fun, and doesn't care much for work. Above all, this blue goof likes to have fun. Therefore, he tries to entertain himself at all costs!

Now, let's move on to Rigby! This brown and spiky raccoon is the embodiment of the wild adult stereotype. Even if he is way past his teenage years, Rigby often acts just like an angsty adolescent! Arrogance, frustration, anger, and impatience are only a few words that perfectly describe him. However, you will soon find that our hero is much more than that!

The friendship between Mordecai and Rigby brings out redeeming qualities in both of our heroes! You can even join them for a fun challenge and see them at work with the Fist Punch game!

What would the Regular Show Games be without some extra flavor?

Although Rigby and Mordecai's relationship is at the core of this series, their adventures wouldn't exist without other key characters. Friends and foes, bosses, and colleagues, they all contribute to the surreal and goofy atmosphere. Are you ready to meet them?

Would you take a gumball machine seriously? Too bad, because that's exactly what you need to do! Benson Dunwoody is the leader of all park employees and a true annoyance. For instance, his short temper and inflexibility make him quite an insensitive workaholic! However, he does have some good qualities. Will you stick around enough to discover them?

What would life be without love? Margaret Smith is a charming orange robin that has stolen Mordecai's heart! Can you believe that this beauty is also smart and down-to-earth? It's no wonder the carefree blue jay is smitten! Aren't you curious to see how this goes?

Who is that obese green man coming towards you? Oh, it's just Muscle Man! He works at the park alongside Mordecai and Rigby, but he certainly isn't a friendly coworker! Obesity, laziness, lousy hygiene, and ignorance are just a few of Muscle Man's traits.

However, if you follow him for long enough, you will find some good qualities. Can you believe that Hi-Five Ghost is his most loyal friend? More often than not, the ghost manages to guide the obese human in the right direction! Want to find out more? Join the two ridiculous characters for a cool race with the Daredevil Danger game!

Put aside all logic and reason and jump inside this series of surreal adventures! The Regular Show Games will remind you of something fundamental: find the extraordinary spark hidden in the monotony of your routine!

There are currently 28 free online Regular Show games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.