Steven Universe Games

Don't miss out on the Steven Universe games if you enjoy quirky adventures in fantastical lands! Can you keep up with him and the Crystal Gems?

Step inside a realm of fantasy and imagination!

Play the Steven Universe Games if you want to escape from the gray monotony of day to day life! This unique series will allow you to explore a colorful world filled with quirky characters and fascinating adventures! 

Ever since its release in 2013 on Cartoon Network, this series has captured the hearts of people of all ages. Do you want to know why? What makes it so special for children and adults alike is that it deals with many unique themes. Aside from the amazing adventures the characters go through, they also develop meaningful relationships and evolve as people. Get ready to go on a fabulous and emotional journey through the universe!

How far can your imagination go? One of the series's best features is the amazing amount of creativity that goes into every hero and every episode. The show is much more than a regular children's science fantasy show. From the catchy music to the great voice acting and cool design, this adventure is unlike anything you have ever watched before!

Are you ready to step inside a realm where magic, family, and friendship come together? Start exploring and learn more about this world with the  Steven Universe: Travel Troubles game! It will give you a taste of the incredible adventures to come!

Meet the hero of the Steven Universe Games!

Are you ready to meet the hero of this intriguing series? Even if he seems like a normal boy, at first sight, you will soon realize that he is not. Did you know that he is half-human and half-Gem? Therefore, the teen has special powers. However, he doesn't know how to use them at the start of the series. Are you ready to watch him learn and become a hero? Play the Gem Bound game to join him for a training mission!

Besides his unique potential, what sets Steven Universe apart is his self-set mission. As you might know, he is the son of Rose Quartz, a famous Crystal Gem, and Greg Universe, a regular Beach City resident. Therefore, Steven has a choice: will he live an ordinary life or follow his magical destiny?

Naturally, he decided to continue his mother's legacy and protect Earth. However, it's not going to be easy! Our boy will need to learn how to control his powers while finding his place in a strange universe, filled with conflict and intrigue. It's going to be fun to watch!

Steven is the most optimistic character in the show. His happy-go-lucky attitude is one of a kind. Often, Steven's good and accepting nature helps him in his adventures. For example, he uses his charisma to deal with foes instead of fighting them.

However, he also shares most of his mother's powers, like shapeshifting and summoning the Rose Shield. Besides, he can also project a healing aura to help his friends or create a pink bubble around them. Play the games to discover all of his cool powers!

There's no crew like the Crystal Gems!

As you already know, Steven has chosen to leave his father's home and move in with the Crystal Gems. Do you know them? They are a group of rebels organized by Rose Quartz. Their goal is to protect Earth at all costs. Aren't you excited about meeting them?

Let's begin with Garnet! Try not to be scared by her stature and attitude! The head of this group wields a pair of gauntlets and uses them to crush enemies. However, her strength is not her only trait. Garnet is level headed, practical, and mellow. Therefore, she fills the role of a leader perfectly! Did you know that she is a fusion between Ruby and Sapphire, two other Gems? You can learn more and see her fun-loving side with the Meat Beat Mania game!

Are you ready to meet one of the most fun-loving Gems? Amethyst laughs a lot and loves to have fun. Sometimes, this can become a fault within missions. However, Steven values the friendship with this member of the team the most. Why? Because she acts like a childish partner for pranks and light-hearted fun. How cool!

Finally, let's introduce Pearl! Don't be fooled by her elegant and delicate appearance! Despite her passion for ballet, she can also take down almost any enemy using her swordsmanship. Besides, she uses her perfectionist nature to build impressive devices and weapons. However, Pearl thinks that her most important trait is dedication. If you play the games and watch the series, you will find out what she means!

If you haven't played the Steven Universe games yet, you miss out on so much fun! You will surely enjoy the colorful cast of characters, moving stories, and breathtaking adventures. Immerse yourself in a fantastical realm and let your imagination run wild!

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