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Don't miss out on the Gemsona Maker game if you are a Steven Universe fan! Can you create a unique magical alien creature? Your imagination is the limit!

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Let your imagination run wild in the Steven Universe's magical world with the Gemsona Maker game! If you are a fan of the series, you must know about the extraterrestrial species that channel unbelievable powers. Have you ever wanted to create your very own Gem? Now you have the chance to bring to life the characters in your head!

This game allows you to customize almost any aspect of your Gem! There are so many options that you'll practically feel overwhelmed by all of them! Therefore, navigate all the menus, take a close look at your options, and start mixing and matching different elements to achieve that magical look!

How to Play

Use your mouse to click on the arrows and browse through all the options in a section. As soon as you select something, the character on the left side of the screen will change immediately. Whenever you finish a category, use the arrows in the top left corner of the screen to move on to the next. It's easy as pie!

Start by selecting a gem type for your alien. Naturally, you first need to choose a color out of the 45 available options. Next, decide if you want a solid or a shiny finish. Depending on that, you'll see the name of the Gem appear on the screen.

Don't forget to choose a cut and carat size! While you're here, you can decide where to place the precious stones on your heroine's body. Finally, pick which type of body type you want for the alien out of the five options. 

Are you ready to customize the body? Any element you can think of can be customized! Start with basics such as height, width, and weight. Don't forget to pick a body color! The position of the hands, the type of limbs, the chest shape, and the head can also change. Just press the plus and minus buttons to adjust them to your preferences! 

There's more you should know!

As you might have noticed by now, the Gems can have very unusual features. Feel free to let your imagination run wild! For instance, you can add up to three pairs of extra arms. Besides, there are plenty of fun options for the face!

You can also add glasses, a third eye, a funny-looking nose, and even marks such as freckles. Don't forget about makeup and accessories to complete the look!

The hairstyles in this game are awe-inspiring. You can combine two different elements, including one from the first row. In terms of color,  pick the main hue and a shade for the highlights. The result will be a unique hairstyle that reflects your heroine's personality!

Finally, it's time to move on to the suit. By far, this is the biggest category that the game has to offer. You'll be able to pick out blouses, pants, skirts, sleeves, and many more. Don't forget to add some accessories and a signature weapon! Naturally, you can pick out a color for each of these elements.

What background would best suit your creation? Pick between abstract patterns and unique landscapes inspired by Steven Universe's adventure. Pick out the appropriate colors, then press the save button!

Isn't it cool that you have a regular and transparent version of each Gem you create? Besides, you can fuse any two characters that you have designed.

Explore the game, and you'll discover even more fun tricks and unexpected options!