Beach City Drifters

Drive in the Beach City Drifters game and feel the thrill of the race! Can you beat some of the toughest drivers in the Steven Universe series?

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Don't miss out on the Beach City Drifters game if you enjoy racing! Have you ever wanted to do some cool drifts around Steven Universe's home town? Now you have the chance to get behind the wheel and test your skills against some tough opponents! Can you keep up?

Ronaldo is organizing a fabulous competition on an obstacle course in Beach City. All the best drivers in town will be there! Drift around and win all the races!

How to Play

The game consists of 13 different races. Naturally, each one of them will get more challenging than the previous one. However, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade your vehicle to keep up with new obstacles. It sounds like so much fun!

The first step of the game is picking your driver and your ride. Can you believe that there are 5 cool options? Nevertheless, you will need to earn coins to play as Greg, Buck Dewy, Jenny, or Kevin. Unlock them all to have a blast while drifting!

Let's learn how to drive! Luckily, the car will move by itself. However, you will need to swerve by using the Left and Right arrow keys. Do you need to slow down or perform a drift? Push down on the breaks by pressing the Space Bar. Driving is so easy in this game!

There's more you should know!

Can you survive the challenging obstacle courses of Beach City? They will feature many traffic cones that you will need to avoid by performing precise turns and cool drifts. Can you complete the race in time without crashing?

Collecting golden stars is extremely important! You will receive extra points at the end of the race if you manage to collect them all. This will bring you one step closer to a perfect score at the end of the game!

Finish the course in under one minute for an extra golden star at the end of the race! Can you finish all the levels with a perfect three out of three-star rating? It will be so fun to try!