Let's Bubble It, Steven!

Play the Let's Bubble It, Steven game if you enjoy matching bubbles of the same color! Steven Universe, Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet need your help!

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Start shooting and matching with the Let's Bubble It, Steven game! If you are a fan of Zuma and other similar games, you shouldn't miss out on this one. Do you know what makes this game even more interesting? You'll be joined by the awesome characters from the Steven Universe series. Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, and Steven can turn anything in a fun and quirky adventure! 

Are you ready to start shooting? You have the unique opportunity to explore the Burning Room. This place is located deep in the Temple, having a direct location in the Crystal Heart. Do you know what all the mysterious bubbles are? They contain relics and corrupted gems. Isn't that cool? Join Steven as he learns more about the secrets of this room!

How to Play

The game is a virtually endless round of shooting bubbles. The aim is to gain as many points as possible before one of the Crystal Gems falls in the lava pit. If this happens, you will need to restart the game. Yikes!

Are you ready to learn how to play?  All you need to do is use your mouse!  Simply drag and release to shoot a bubble. Take a look at the platform to figure out what color gem you are going to shoot! Additionally, you should also peek underneath the platform at the hologram. This reveals the color and type of the next Crystal Gem. How cool!

Can you create combinations of three or more Crystal Gems of the same type? If you manage to match 3 gems, they will disappear from the screen. However, if you succeed in matching 5 or more jewels, they will make one of the Bad Gems disappear. Isn't it cool that the annoying green-and-black gems won't take up space anymore? Feel free to also throw them in the lava pit if you want!

Are you ready to join Steven and the other Crystal Gems for an exciting mission? You will need to be swift and smart to gain a high score. However, as you are practicing, you'll become better and have a lot of fun!