Ruckus Room

Jump from one platform to another in the Ruckus Room game! Can you help Steven Universe survive a challenging obstacle course and accomplish his mission?

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About Ruckus Room Game

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You'll have a blast with the Ruckus Room game if you are a fan of the Steven Universe series! The kind-hearted hero of the game is going to embark on a very dangerous, yet exciting journey. Are you ready to join him for hours of fun? Stop hesitating and jump in this quirky adventure!

This game will certainly put your agility, precision, and speed to the test. Can you cope with all the challenges of a fantastical realm? You will come across many tricky obstacles in the gem temple that Steven is exploring. How well you can face them is up to you!

How to Play

The game consists of a single run through the ruins of an abandoned temple. How far can you go? Every jump you make will bring you one step closer to reaching a new high score. Don't get discouraged if your score is disappointing on your first try! When it comes to this game, you will soon find that practice makes perfect.

Are you ready to learn how to play? The best part about this game is that you only need to use your mouse. Even if jumping is your sole task, you'll soon find that it's more difficult than it seems. To begin with, you need to pay close attention to the bar at the left side of the screen. Click and hold to watch it fill up! The fuller the bar, the further Steve's jump will be. Did you get the hang of things yet?

Even though the concept might be simple, you'll soon find that this game is incredibly complex! To begin with, you will need to improve your timing, as well as your precision. Have you noticed the menacing black birds? Stay as far away as possible from them, unless you want to lose one of your three precious lives.

What else you should know

In the beginning, you might find it is quite hard to advance through the game. However, you shouldn't get discouraged! As long as you try your best and collect as many gems as you can, you will be able to make your life much easier within the game. Hang in there, and you'll soon earn a high score!

Do you know how to use the power-ups? Pick up the black cat cookies every time you see them for quite an interesting advantage. Can you believe that they will trace Steve's itinerary for a couple of jumps, making your job much easier?

Visiting the shop often is the key to success when it comes to this game! As soon as you gather a few coins, take a look at all the cool upgrades you can use in the game. Aside from making the cat cookies last longer, you can add to the number of lives Steven starts with. Oh, and don't forget about the magnet and the bonus stage! Investing in these two will help you earn gems at a much faster rate!

Stop hesitating and start jumping! Steven needs your help to complete this exciting journey through the gem temple. Will you help him make precise jumps? You'll surely have a blast if you join him in his mission!