Gem Bound

You'll love the Gem Bound game if you are a fan of Steven Universe's adventures! Jump from platform to platform and go as high as you can to collect coins!

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About Gem Bound Game

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Don't miss out on the Gem Bound game if you are looking for a fun escapade! Steven Universe is training to become a hero. Did you know that the Crystal Gems are offering him a crash course? He will surely become a powerful guardian of Earth in no time!

Do you want to join Steven as he goes on his first training mission? It will be a fun experience that allows you to explore the Crystal Gems' fascinating world. Are you ready to come across intriguing creatures and treasures? Now you have the chance!

How to Play

Are you ready to get started? You will need to jump from platform to platform to get as high as possible and earn a high score. The coolest part about this game is that each round lasts as much as you can survive. Therefore, you can explore endlessly!

Let's jump! Thankfully, Steven Universe will automatically start hopping after you click once. However, from now on, it's your job to keep him alive! You should move your cursor left and right to guide Steven. Can you help him land in a safe place? 

There are so many types of platforms! Some of them will disappear and reappear at fixed intervals, while others might change in size as you are sitting on them. Can you believe that a platform can split into ten smaller ones? You will need to have swift reflexes to get past them. 

There's more you should know!

Have you noticed all the bizarre creatures in this game? A strange monster can lurk around any corner and on every platform. Pay close attention to the flying birds, especially! They are extremely dangerous and scary. Can you get past them?

If your energy bar at the top right corner of the screen becomes empty, Steven will fall. However, the game is not over yet! Hit as many monsters as you can to earn some extra points! Did you know that you can also collect coins as you are falling? 

Finally, don't forget to visit the shop! Here, you can buy useful powerups that help you throughout your journey. For instance, you can purchase energy boosters, coin doublers, and protection from all the spooky monsters. Besides, you can even buy some upgrades for Steven's fall or help from the Crystal Gems. Isn't that awesome?

Stop hesitating and start playing this cool game! It will help you improve your speed and reflexes. Besides, you'll also have a lot of fun with Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems!