Meat Beat Mania

Join in on the Meat Beat Mania game to start playing a groovy dancing game! Can you help Garnet memorize all the moves and perform an awesome routine?

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Don't miss out on the Meat Beat Mania game if you enjoy dancing to awesome tunes! If you are a fan of the Steven Universe series, you know the Steven can be quite a fun-loving guy. However, the Crystal Gems can be more serious, especially Garnet. Are you ready to see her having some silly fun with Steven Universe?

Head down to the garage for a surprise! You will need to help Garnet get through Steven's challenge: a dancing competition. Can you memorize the routine and perform it perfectly? You'll surely have a ton of fun!

How to Play

The game consists of 4 songs that you need to complete. Each one of them has a different style, as well as a distinct difficulty level. With titles such as Synchronize and Flambée, they are bound to be quirky and entertaining. Are you ready to hear them?

Dancing is much easier when all you need to do is use your mouse! To perform a move, simply click on one of the colored gems surrounding Garnet. However, there's a catch! You will need to observe the sequence of movements, then try to recreate it exactly. Just one false step will cause you to lose precious points, so pay close attention!

In the beginning, you will only have to deal with three gems of different colors. Do you want to know a secret? To succeed in this game, you need to correlate the gem's color with its position and the sound that it makes. What is more, you can even use your mouse to follow the sequence as it unfolds. Doesn't that help you remember the dance easier?

There's more you should know!

As you advance through the levels, the number of gems will increase from four to eight! Additionally, you will need to remember more moves in a row. Can you keep up with the sequences? If so, Garnet will perform some very cool and complicated dance moves!

Have you noticed the timer at the top right corner of the screen? When it comes to this game, the faster you move, the better. How many points can you score until the game ends? Keep in mind that you will receive extra combo points if you perform many moves correctly in a row!

Get ready for a day of dancing and fun with your favorite characters from the Steven Universe series! Can you help Garnet become the best dancer? You will have so much fun and improve your memorization skills at the same time!