Travel Troubles

All the donuts and gems are lost in the Steven Universe: Travel Troubles game. Help Steven solve all the puzzles, avoid the traps, and find all of them!

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It seems like our favorite little guy is trapped in the Steven Universe: Travel Troubles game in some unusual exotic place. Somehow he teleported himself here trough a broken diamond. This mistake could cost him dearly unless he is very careful. This new, unexplored place is full of hidden traps.

What is even worse is that all the contents of his backpack have shattered around the islands. What you have to do is to make sure Steven collects all his stuff. This meaning the precious stones and, most importantly, his donuts! He certainly cannot leave the poor sweeties behind. Your job will be to keep an eye out for him. At the same time, you should function as the brains and find a solution to get out of traps.

How to Play

To explore Steven's surrounding in your attempt to find the missing objects, you will have to use your keyboard. The arrow keys will take you wherever you want. But you should know that you can move one step at a time. So take everything easy because there is no need to hurry anywhere. 

As you explore, you should be very careful not to fall off the edges. Beneath you, there is a deep ocean. More than that, the coast is very steep, and you cannot climb back once you have fallen. If that happens, though, you will have to start the level again from the very beginning. So make sure to pay extra attention.

On these tiny islands, there seem to be many traps. On the ground, you might find things like sharp daggers that go up and down repeatedly. As you have probably guessed, these are no way good for Steven, so do your best to avoid them.

Moreover, the chances are that you will come across some strange squares of the earth too. These cracked portions are not safe to walk on. The moment you lift your foot, they will collapse, revealing the raging hot lava underneath.

What else you should know

But the weirdness does not stop here! Here and there are some crystal circles that you can use to teleport yourself. You will see that sometimes there is no other way of reaching other islands. But, when you have another choice, you might come across some moving plate of sone that will conveniently take you to the other side.

Once you have found the donuts, you can go to the next teleporting crystal to take you to the next level. In the end, you will have to face a big monster, and it needs to be tricked into a trap. Only then will you be able to win!