Max Steel Games

Follow Josh in his missions in Max Steel games! Learn what it takes to be a hero and share his N-Tek powers to fight against all the infamous Ultralinks!

Introducing Max Steel

At first sight, Josh seems to be an average guy, that goes to school and does whatever other normal teenagers do. But in fact, he doubles as Max Steel, a special agent of N-Trek Corporation, a secret intelligence company. Find out more about this while playing the Max Steel games! 

Josh became a superhero when he bravely fought against some enemy agents that were led by Psycho. Unfortunately, he was severely injured during the fight and thus exposed to microscopic nanomachines, which penetrated his body. That was the moment when his stepfather decided not to let him die and when Josh agreed to become part of the secret project. He gained powers that he did not imagine that was humanly possible to have. But as you already know, great power calls great responsibility. He now uses his exceptional skills to change his appearance, to turn invisible, and to have super strength in battles.

This new identity also affects his school life. Just imagine having to go beat up a droid during a maths test. School is hard in general, leaving aside your superhero duties. Besides, not even his girlfriend, Laura, is keen on his spontaneous disappearances, and who can blame her? NO matter who you are, it's always rude to leave the girl alone in a restaurant during a date like that. All of a sudden, without giving any explanation about what has happened, he has to leave so abruptly. But this is what happens when you become a hero, and so many lives depend on you to save them.

Learn what it takes to be a Superhero!

Have a look into his life by merely exploring the variety of Max Steel games. Here you will get an idea of how to finish a mission and what it takes to be like him. I tell you, it is easier said than done for sure. The dangers that await at every corner, no matter if it is day or night, are just a small inconvenience. A true hero must be aware of every imminent danger and must prevent it at any cost.

For somebody like Josh, the more good you do around, the more enemies you will gain in the long term. Their endless attempts to bring you down and to achieve their dark goals are neverending! But through all this unpleasant part, think about all the people who live happy lives because of you and all the times you saved the whole world from havoc and chaos. 

This is why people continue to be heroes because it makes a difference in the world. Play Steel Defense game and take care of some Ultralinks and shoot as many of them as you can to give max a hand in his attempt of making the place a little safer for the citizens. But do not go for Max or Cytro, they are your friends and are there to help you so keep a sharp eye on the target.

Train with Max Steel games!

To accomplish all your duties as a hero, you also need to have excellent skills in all kinds of domains! It might save someone's life or even your own if you know how to drive, shoot, or fight properly. Do your training right here along with Max Steel, and take part in all kinds of adventures, such as Turbo Fighter game. Learn how to fight with your bare hands against massive guys that look like they could eat you up only in a single bite! Do not feel intimidated, the bigger they are, the harder they fall and crumble.

Up next, train your driving abilities in Turbo Run game. Learn how to control the fancy technological motorbike and drive our hero safely among these bad guys on the road. Remember that they want you dead, so do not expect them to be gentle. Steer it and sharpen your reflexes while under lots of pressure. Avoid any debris left or other players on the road and prove everyone that you have the guts of a real superhero.

Do not forget to get into a real mission, that involves an entirely unknown place to you and that needs a little bit of planning. Give a shot to N-Tek Invasion game and see what it takes to be on your own on the board of a nasty enemy station. Create your profile then go straight into the mission and listen to the orders. Take down any opponents that stand in your way and find your way out of it.

Good luck in your future missions, soldier!

There are currently 9 free online Max Steel games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.