Chowder Games

Visit Marzipan City and discover a mystical and fascinating world with Chowder games! You'll get to meet funny characters and cook delicious dishes!

Welcome to Marzipan City!

Enter one of the most delicious and unusual series of adventures in your life with Chowder games! Food is a part of life for everybody. However, some people think it's a boring necessity, while others see it as their life passion. Chowder and his pals belong to the last group!

If you decide to step inside the food-centered world of this series, you'll understand and even share their opinions. Who knows? Maybe you'll become a chef and a gourmand too!

What sets Chowder apart from other series is sheer creativity and dedication to its quirky characters. It's no surprise, given that C. H. Greenblatt used to work on SpongeBob SquarePants!

After years of cooking up an idea for his show, he finally succeeded in 2007. During the next three years, Cartoon Network aired 49 episodes of the show, to the delight of fans of all ages. Besides, Chowder has received quite a few awards! Are you curious why?

Get ready to visit the magical place called Marzipan City! This giant and diverse location roam with all sorts of unusual people. What most of them have in common is a passion for food.

Even the inhabitants and neighborhoods have names inspired by various dishes! As a result, just a few seconds spent in the city will make you hungry. We hope you have a big appetite for food and adventure!

Meet funny characters with the Chowder games

Meet Chowder, the main character who will follow you in this food-filled adventure! His appearance will remind you of a mix between a lavender cat, a bear, and a rabbit.

As you can imagine, Chowder has a passion for food. More precisely, he loves to cook it and adores eating it! As a result, he is training to become a chef. Thanks to his sweet and caring personality, Chowder has every chance of succeeding.

However, he'll need to do many dirty jobs as a kitchen apprentice. Can you give him a hand? For instance, you can hunt down some fresh ingredients for the restaurant in the Mold Rush game

Get ready to meet Chowder's master! Mung Daal is typically a kind and patient teacher. The blue chef is very proud of his cooking and ability to charm the ladies. Usually, he's patient with his young student, teaching him all his secrets in the kitchen. However, sometimes things go wrong, and they both get in trouble! Oops!

Naturally, Chowder and Mung Daal's mishaps don't bode well with Mung's wife, Truffles! At first, the mushroom fairy might seem mean-spirited and cold. Sometimes she even turns into a monster, like when she plays Mah-Jong! Nevertheless, she loves her husband and cares for Chowder in her own way.

It's hard to find someone calmer and more reserved than Schnitzel! Mung's underpaid employee has to work while dealing with Chowder's shenanigans all day! Maybe this is why he only says one word: rada. Nevertheless, everybody seems to understand him just fine! Witness the cooperation between Schnitzel, Chowder, and Mung by playing the Bookin' Cook game!

Cook and learn with Chowder!

Lasagna Town, Fudge Falls, and Mount Fondoom are just a few delicious locations you can visit in Marzipan City! This vast metropolis also has many restaurants, each boasting a unique cooking style. For example, Mung Daal's Catering swears by wacky recipes and unusual ingredients. 

Can you think of a better place to pick up a thing or two about cooking? Play the Kitchen Tricks game to learn how to prepare Mung's signature dishes!

Given that Mung's kitchen can get quite wild, his rival kitchen, called Ms. Endive's Tasteful Foods, is much fancier and more well-kept. Similarly, Ms.Endive is more organized than Mung. Even her apprentice, the obedient and talented Panini, is the opposite of Chowder. However, they have much less fun! If you want to know how things should go traditionally, you should visit their kitchen!

If you join the lovable Chowder in his apprenticeship, you'll learn how to cook while having the time of your life! Besides being an aspiring chef, Chowder is also a young kid eager to discover the world. Learn alongside him, then think of solutions to problems around Marzipan City! For instance, you can plant trees to reduce pollution with the Give Trees a Chance game.

Whether you spend your time in the kitchen or exploring Marzipan City, Chowder games will keep you busy for hours! Besides, all the whimsical places and lively heroes will put a smile on your face no matter what you're playing. Even if it can be messy and confusing, you'll surely have a blast in this food-centered realm! 

There are currently 10 free online Chowder games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.