Give Trees a Chance

Make a difference in Marzipan City by fighting pollution in the Give Trees a Chance game! Chowder needs your help to plant trees while avoiding critters!

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Become an aspiring ecologist with the Give Trees a Chance game! Once you step inside Marzipan City, it becomes clear that pollution has taken over Chowder's hometown. However, you mustn't get discouraged! Our favorite purple protagonist has come up with a brilliant solution. He wants to plant trees all over Marzipan City because they help clean the air. Can you give him a helping hand?

The game consists of 8 levels, where your goal is to run around in Marzipan City planting trees. After collecting the saplings, you'll need to find a hole and put the sapling in it.

Many rodents will also chase Chowder. Despite their adorable appearance, they are a vital obstacle in his mission. Even if our protagonist's mission sounds easy, you'll soon find that being a dedicated ecologist is hard work! 

How to Play

Chowder will run forward automatically around Marzipan City. We mean this literally, as each level will have the protagonist race on a spinning planet. Your job is to switch the direction by moving your mouse to the left or the right. Can you keep up in this race that is bound to make you dizzy?

To accomplish your mission, you need to find saplings, then put them into the holes spread around the level. During the process, you'll disturb some adorable critters that can turn dangerous.

Rabbits and hamsters don't like Chowder disturbing their burrows. To avoid their feral bites, click the Left mouse button to jump. Be careful! The fluffy critters can be fast as lightning. If they catch Chowder, he'll lose one of his lives. Yikes!

There's more you should know!

To recover Chowder's lost energy, try your best to look for apples. They'll restore one of your precious lives and keep you going! If you manage to fill all the holes with trees without losing all your energy, you can move on to the next game stage. However, if your lives become completely depleted, you'll have to restart the entire game from the beginning. 

Don't get discouraged if you can't finish the game on your first try. Fighting pollution and clearing the air in Marzipan City isn't an easy feat! Therefore, you should keep persevering, and your reflexes will sharpen. Stave off the rabid bunnies, avoid dizziness, and continue planting saplings all over the town!