Play the We Bare Bears: Box-O-Mania game and have fun with the bears at the airport! Collect the boxes as they come towards you, but avoid anything else!

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Have fun with the bears and the boxes in the Box-O-Mania game! What can a bear do while he is trapped in an airport overnight? Well, not much. He cannot pilot a plane or eat the passengers' food. But what one can really do is play with all the boxes he can find lying around. Just like any other kid playing with their friends, they can build forts, castles, or cars. If you have enough boxes, the possibilities are endless.

But how can you gather enough boxes to create everything you can think of? Our bears might have just found a way to do that, and it can get quite dangerous. They figured out that if they jump on the conveyor belt and wait for the boxes to come at them, they can take just enough of them to fulfill their dreams.

But on that belt, there are also other things, not only harmless boxes. If pillows and earmuffs cannot possibly do you any harm in your day-to-day life, this time, the situation is different. When they are steadily approaching you at high speeds, they might quickly become a threat to your life. Make sure that your favorite characters will get out of this adventure safe and sound!

How to Play

In this game, one bear will be jumping in a box on the belt, intending to catch more boxes coming towards him. Because they are so scattered, you should drag around the bear with your mouse to collect the prize. At the same time, avoid colliding with any other object even if it looks like it could not do any harm to anyone.

While doing such an activity, even pillows can be dangerous. Once you get hit by an obstacle, you will, unfortunately, lose the game. There are no second chances here. Do not get too distracted by that, though, and concentrate on the number of boxes that you can get.

With each box you gather, the game speed will increase. At some point, you will have to change between bears. When it is time for that, a small icon of a jumping bear will appear at the bottom of the screen. When you see it, click on it to make the switch.

If you do not make the switch in time, you will lose all the boxes you have been collecting all this time. After you do the switch successfully, all the boxes will transform into points, and the box count will go back to zero.

What else you should know

As you go further on the conveyor belt, there will appear more and more objects to avoid. Be careful because space can get quite tight, and one false step could mean the end of the game.

Here is a tip: it is way easier to click and hold to move. This way, the bear can go from one place to another faster, and you can avoid the obstacles way easier.

Now make some bears happy and give a hand at collecting all those things without getting them harmed.

Good luck!