Boogie Bears

Play the Boogie Bears game and show off your dance moves to the bears. Choose the music you like and the dancing style, then feel free to move as you want!

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The famous trio, Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear, are going to have a lot of fun dancing in the Boogie Bears game. Which is the thing that will spice up any party, and that anybody can do regardless of age and have lots of fun? Give up? It is dancing, of course!

Any hour of the day and on any day of the week, everybody can dance. You do not even need to be talented or to know moves. The only thing that is required for dancing is a good mood! Simple as that, nothing more. 

Because there are so many genres of music, there are at least as many ways to dance on them. From classical music and ballet to hip hop and street dance, there is something for everybody. Even those who listen to rock might dance sometimes, but they call that moshpits, and that is another story to tell.

Help the bears with the dancing moves!

Our only concern now is that our favorite bears are in the mood for a dance. And they are letting you set the moves and the music on which they are going to have fun! You just need to press the Enter key and choose from one of the three little ones. After that, go straight to the dance floor.

Because today you are the DJ of the party, you decide which music is going to play. So press the keys with the less-than and great-than to change the background music until you find something that matches your tastes.

When you are satisfied with the beat, it is time to choose one of the dance styles numbered from one to seven. Then the only thing left to do is start dancing, using the q,w,o, and p keys.

Go and hit the dancefloor!