Boxed up Bears

Match all the boxes in the We Bare Bears: Boxed up Bears game! Join Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear for a more fun version of the classic puzzle, Mahjong!

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About Boxed up Bears Game

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Any fan of Mahjong will enjoy the We Bare Bears: Boxed up Bears game! Did you know that this legendary puzzle game is nearly 300 years old? However, now you have the chance to experience a fresh take on a classic! The three friendly bears called Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear will accompany you as you get familiar with the rules of this puzzle. Besides, they'll even lend you a hand if you find yourself in a pickle. Hurry up, and give it a try!

This adorable puzzle challenge consists of multiple rounds. Each one is a little more difficult than the previous one, so keep up if you want to win! To clear up a board, you'll need to match the tiles, two at a time. Do this strategically, as the game is over when you run out of matches!

How to Play

Your mouse is the only tool you'll need in this game. Start by taking a close look at all the tiles on the screen. Now, click on two highlighted tiles of the same type to match them and clear them off the board.

Watch out! You can only play tiles that have one of the four edges free. Therefore, plan your moves carefully and make sure you never get stuck!

Each move you make will score you valuable points. Besides, for every excellent move, you'll receive a bonus object. Do you recognize them? They are some of the We Bare Bears' favorite things.

Whether we're talking about ice cream, tacos, or pizza bagels, they'll add to your high score. Try your best to find as many of them! If you move fast enough, you'll get even more points in the form of a speed bonus. Wow!

What else you should know

Take advantage of the help that the Beras can offer you! They will join you at the bottom of the screen, waiting for you to ask them for assistance. One of them can give you a helpful tip if you're stuck, while the other can help you undo a wrong move. You can even destroy a cluster of tiles! However, keep in mind that each one of these actions costs money. Therefore, only use them when you are in dire need!

What's your latest high score? Once you run out of moves, you'll get a grade based on how many boards you have managed to clear. However, you'll want to keep playing! This relaxing puzzle game will keep you in front of the screen for hours.

The chubby and loveable bears will turn this iconic puzzle game into an even more fun activity. Start matching boxes and join in on the fun!