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Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear are racing in the Scooter Streamers game! Finish the race and earn ten million likes to help your friends reach their goal!

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Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear have gotten themselves in trouble in the Scooter Streamers game! They wanted to be first in line for a poutine truck, but made the locals angry instead! To make everyone like them again, Nom Nom suggested that the bears participate in his Super Streamer Scooter Race! 

Your job here is to play as your cute friends and make their race as entertaining as possible! To get the koala's prize and make them popular again, Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear have to earn ten million likes on their videos! Guide the bear stack and make the stream as fun as possible to win the prize!

How to Play

To guide your buddies during this challenge, you will have to use the Arrow keys on your keyboard. Press the Up arrow to make them jump, the Right arrow key to increase their speed, or the Left arrow key to make the bear stack go slower. Sounds easy, right?

As you race, you will have to gain as many likes as you can! You will do that either by doing tricks and taking pictures or just collecting likes and other bonuses that show up on your way to the finish line.

The challenge has ten stages, starting from the Bears Cave and ending as you reach Nom Nom. To finish a level, you will have to participate in the race multiple times. 

What else you should know

Everything you do to make the stream fun will earn you more points. You shouldn't only focus on collecting bonuses! For example, if you end up taking the higher path, the bears might do a backflip as they go back down, getting likes in return!

As you progress, the stages will become more difficult! When that happens, you should take it slowly and try to stay on the path. You can only fall three times per level. Any more than that and you will lose, having to restart the challenge.

What do you say? Begin the scooter race and help the bears go viral!