Eager Egg Hunt

Collect only the Good Easter eggs in Eager Egg Hunt game. Open the tents to let the characters enter, but prevent Gunter from bringing rotten eggs inside!

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About Eager Egg Hunt Game

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All of your favorite Cartoon Network characters have gathered to collect the lovely eggs in the Eager Egg Hunt game. The bears from the mesmerizing cartoon "We Bare Bears" have the mission to let your best friends pass through and enter the colorful tents with the good Easter eggs. Help the bears be of real help and do everything you can to gather all the eggs.

Let the gang collect the good eggs! But sadly, Gunter, the lovely penguin, will always come with really rotten Easter eggs collected from wrong places. You have to prevent him from getting into the tents with his rotten eggs. The way to do this is by pulling the lever and closing the door of the tent when Gunter approaches, but opening it when you see a friend with good Easter eggs getting closer to the shelter.

How to Play

Press the space-bar to open the tents. You will look at the friends, as well as Gunter running towards the tents in two columns, each one approaching one of the tents. When one shelter opens, another one closes. So pay close attention to both tents, so you do not block your friends at the entrance of one of them and let Gunter pass through the gates of the other one.

You should notice a life bar in the right corner of the screen, alongside a wave bar and a score bar. Be careful and do not let your life bar reach the zero point, but do not forget to score higher points as you pass through every wave of Cartoon Network friends that approach the tents. You lose your life points by letting Gunter pass or by blocking your Cartoon network allies.

If your life bar reaches the zero point, your game will be over, and you will have to restart it from the wave number one. But if you manage to block Gunter successfully, your life points will increase, and you will get to play on and get through every wave of friends that come with lovely eggs.

Come and help the fuzzy bears direct their friends towards the tents and collect all the colorful and funny Easter eggs. You are the only one who has what it takes!