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Help the famous bears reunite in the Out of the Box game. Guide them around the place and figure how to get them out using their special abilities!

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If you like games that imply a challenge, then the We Bare Bears: Out of the Box game is for you. This one is all about escaping a place that has all sorts of traps and puzzles. You need to solve them in order to reveal the way out. Because you need to think a little before doing anything, the satisfaction when you manage to get to the exit door is even greater. 

Any game that puts your IQ to the test will surely keep you entertained for hours. But there's something even better about this particular one: it features your favorite cartoon characters, the famous bears. Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear are trapped in a place, and they must find a way out of this bizarre and seemingly abandoned hangar. Can you help them escape before it is too late?

Help the bears to find their way out!

At first, you will start only with Grizz. He is the one always hungry out of the three, so he will be the only one to collect the floating burritos. To finish the level, you need to collect as many as possible whenever you see them.

However, the more important part is to find the way out. Each exit is concealed somehow, and they can only be opened if some conditions are fulfilled. For instance, you need to first find the scales scattered around the place to open the door. Then, you need to put a certain weight on each one. When each of them has something, the gate will open by itself. 

Move the bear around to explore each room by using the Left and Right arrow keys. Whenever you want to jump somewhere, press the C key. When you will want to use the unique ability of each bear, press the X key. 

Each bear can do something different:

- Grizz can climb.

- Panda can set up any panel that controls the moving platforms.

- Ice Bear can lift boxes.

Use their abilities to get out of difficult situations that need a bit of extra brain to solve.

What else you should know

As you play, you will find the other two bears eventually. Once found, they will stay with you until the end, just as friends always do. Unfortunately, you cannot control two of them at the same time, and you will have to switch between them, which will prove to be a little time-consuming. Press the number in each one's bubble at the top of the screen to select them.

At this point, you might also need to do some team work since there are two of them. You will be able to jump on each other's backs and get to places where a bear by himself would not be able to. Jump on springs from a higher position to catapult the other one to that pole you thought you could not possibly get to. There are so many possibilities, and there is never a single way of doing things.

Do not give up when things get too tricky. Wait till you get to rescue the third bear, and then the trio will be undoubtedly unstoppable. Go until you reach the last level, which will prove to be a real challenge. Show off with your score to your friends and see who can be the best at escaping!

Have fun!