Baby Bear Bonanza

Watch out for your head in the Baby Bear Bonanza game! Catch the tasty food the baby is throwing but avoid everything else, or you'll get hit badly!

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Play the Baby Bear Bonanza game and try to feed our famous bears by catching the food the baby throws!

Babies are weird creatures, and nobody can understand them sometimes, not even their mothers. Until they learn to speak correctly, it is more like a guessing game that usually ends up with some crying and everyone's ears getting messed up by the horrible noise. Luckily, they sleep so often at almost any time of the day, and while they are doing that, everybody is happy.

Usually, babies do not do much, but the chaos begins when it comes to food and feeding them. They start throwing it everywhere and putting it all over their faces! And guess who has to clean up after them? Right. Everybody besides them.

To put an end to all that perfectly good wasted food those babies throw on the floor, help the three bears catch all the plates and goodies thrown by the little human baby to fill up their energy levels.

How to Play

The bad news is that the baby throws everything that falls into his hands. That means that you might get hit by some books, telephones, fire extinguishers, and many more. He is a strong little kid; imagine how he will be when he is grown up.

Try to avoid getting anything that is not safe because that will considerably lower the bear's energy levels. Instead, dock whenever you see that something is falling towards you. This way, nothing terrible will happen. Avoid staying docked for too long, though, because your energy levels will drop quite fast while standing that way.

Also, try to regain the lost energy by moving the bears so that they get to eat their favorite foods. Like everybody else, they prefer some things to others. But of course, they will not say no to anything else; they are still bears.

Try as much as you can to give Grizz all the purple glasses of juice, and he will be very thankful. Ice will be pleased to have some big plates of food while Panda is more than satisfied by a simple bag of pretzels.

What else you should know

Each time you match those foods to the correct bear, you will gain a combo that will boost your score a little. Whenever you get a combo of five, you will enter the Bonanza Mode! That means that the baby will freak out and start to throw literally everything related to food that he finds, luckily for you. Get to feed the bears more quickly by pressing the left and right arrows. They will swap positions accordingly each time you press a key.

Do not forget to keep an eye on the energy levels at the top left! They tell you how badly they need to eat. When one of the bars is empty, that bear will pass out, leaving the other two there to manage themselves without him. This will happen until there is only one left. When he loses his energy too, then, unfortunately, it is game over.

Anyway, you can always give it another shot as soon as it ends! Simply press replay and get ready for another round!