Play Bearsketball
Play Bearsketball

About Bearsketball Game

It is so thrilling to watch a basketball game. But have you tried playing it? It is even more exciting actually to be a part of it and also to win it. So come and show us the best moves. Help the three bears Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear win the basketball tournament in the Bearsketball Game.

Get to feel the adrenaline and excitement on the basketball field by playing alongside your favorite fuzzy bears from the We Bare Bears television show. Defeat all the other rival teams and win the grand prize of the basketball championship. Let the bears feel the energy of their number one fans that cheer them in public.

The rules of the Bearsketball are pretty much the same as the rules of the real-life basketball game. Dribble, pass the ball to the other members of your team, block your opponents and score as many points as possible. Use the "left" and "right" arrows to help the bears move around the basketball field. Press the "Z" button to shoot the ball or to block the members from the other team. Last but not least, the "X" button will be used to pass the ball or to steal it from your opponents. Score the points and do not let your opponents reach their basket. Defeat them in the time that is listed on the top of the screen. Be the winner of each and every one of the five matches and get to the final game.

Show the world that you the best basketball player and come to win this tournament together with the three lovely bears. You can do it!

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