Toon Cup 2017

Join the football tournament together with famous CN characters in the Toon Cup 2017 game! Lead your team to victory by scoring as many goals as you can!

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You must play the Toon Cup 2017 game if you are a Cartoon Network fan with a passion for football! This unique tournament allows you to couch a football team. However, instead of being international football legends, the players are your favorite Cartoon Network characters. Can you coach the dream team and win the cup?

Are you ready to meet the players? You will recognize familiar faces from your most beloved series, such as Ben 10, Adventure Time, Gumball, We Bare Bears, and even The Powerpuff Girls. It's going to be so exciting to meet them all and play a few games together. Stop hesitating and let's get started!

Build your dream team!

Are you in the mood for a quick game or a full-blown tournament? Either way, this game has a mode to suit your needs. We suggest you pick the Quick Play to practice during a single 2-minute confrontation. Once you feel like you've practiced enough, it's time to move on to the tournament. You will need to play three matches to decide who is the best out of the 8 starting teams. 

Can you put together the perfect team? You will need to pick a country, a team captain, and two team members at the beginning of each new game. Surely, you'll enjoy the company of dear friends such as Panda, Buttercup, Bubblegum, and Finn. However, you shouldn't choose based only on your personal preference! 

The best way to pick is to take a close look at the three parameters: dribbling skills, shot power, and speed. Each player has a unique profile, according to their personality. If you want to win the tournament, you need to have a balanced team that fits your play style. Finally, it's time to play!

How to Play

Thankfully, playing football is much easier in this game than it is in real life. All you need to do is use the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrow keys to move your character around the field. Remember that you control the player from your team that is closest to the ball!

Naturally, your first objective will be to get the ball. Chase it around the court or tackle on of your opponents to get it. Next, you can either pass it to one of your teammates or even shoot to score. The best part is that you can tackle, pass, or shoot by just pressing the Spacebar key. How neat!

Keep an eye out for bonuses on the playing field! They can either give you a cool advantage, such as super-speed, or temporarily disable the enemy team. Don't underestimate banana peels either, as they can trip you right before you score! 

Put your sneakers on and join the Cartoon Network stars for a football tournament like no other! You'll surely have a blast, even if you don't win the cup from the first try!

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