Mold Rush

Splash the moldy food and grab fresh products in the Mold Rush game! Chowder will never gather enough food for Mung Daal's restaurant without your help!

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Run around chasing your favorite dishes in the Mold Rush game! Chowder has taken on a vital task today. He needs to gather fresh produce to serve at Mung Daal's diner. The catch is that all the food runs away from our chubby purple hero. Can he catch it and send it to Mung Daal? Besides, not everything he can grab is edible!

The game is made up of many levels, each one challenging your speed and precision. The trick to reaching the goal and moving on to the next stage is to keep your focus and distinguish the good and bad food items. This food run can get chaotic, so we hope you're ready!

How to Play

Moving Chowder around the food arena is easy! All you have to do is press the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys. Once you get close to a food item, press the Spacebar to hit it with your net and catch it. If you succeed, the counter in the lower left corner of the screen will go down, bringing you one step closer to your goal.

The quality of what you gather matters! Among all the fruit, meats, vegetables, and pastries running around, you should try to collect three items of the same type in a row. You'll get a hefty bonus worth your effort!

The trick is that not every food is edible. Some items are moldy, and they'll hurt Chowder when he touches them. Besides, moldy foods will spoil perfect meals. What a waste of food! If you let them run wild, they'll ruin all your tasty produce! 

There's more you should know!

To get rid of all the dangerous foods, grab the hammer and start smashing up all the rotten items. However, you should approach moldy foods carefully, as Chowder only has three lives. At the same time, the more moldy foods you crash with the mallet in a row, the more bonus points you'll gather. Start smashing!

How much food can you gather for the restaurant? The more carrots, cakes, and pieces of ham you get, the better your final score will be. However, if you don't pay attention, all the delicious treats will get moldy, and Chowder will get hurt. No matter the result, you'll have tons of fun in this quirky race!