Roll around Marzipan City in a giant ball of sticky chewing gum in the GrubbleGum game! How many delicious treats can Chowder pick up in this quirky race?

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Gather your courage and embark on a ridiculous yet funny race in the GrubbleGum game! Chowder is a big fan of bubblegum, but sometimes he can go overboard and overeat his favorite chewy treat. This time, he managed to chew so much gum that he became stuck inside a giant ball of chewed gum.

It sounds disgusting and fascinating at the same time! If you want, you can join him as he rolls around Marzipan City, gathering as much food as he can on his sticky ball.

The game has 21 levels that let you explore different locations around Chowder's hometown. The goal of each stage of the race is to 
reach the end before the time runs out. How many tasty treats can you gather on the way?

How to Play

Even if it sounds cumbersome, rolling around in a giant gumball is easier than you think! All you have to do is press the Left and Right arrow keys to move on the ramps in Marzipan City. When you need to bounce or jump, press the Up arrow.

The more you roll, the more momentum Chowder's gumball gets. Therefore, you'll have to use the controls and your environment wisely to move quickly or to stop altogether. 

Speaking of the environment, you can use different objects to get around the city! For instance, bouncers will propel you into the sky if you stop on top of them. Besides, you'll also come across objects that can give you bonus points, like hoops. If you have enough time left, you can always turn back and try to use your environment to score more points!

What else you should know

With so many treats around you, it's hard to pick which ones are worth losing and picking up! With limited time to finish the level, picking up every piece of candy isn't always an option. Focusing on those worth more points, especially the green stars, is better. Even if they're harder to reach, they'll reward you handsomely!

This funny and ridiculous race will surely put a smile on your face! As long as you keep an eye on the timer and progress meter at the top of the screen, you can bounce and roll around to your heart's content. Explore each level and have fun racing in this sticky vehicle!