What are the most popular Physics Games?

  1. Red Ball 1
  2. Rig-A Bridge
  3. Puttin' Pirates
  4. Toxic Targets
  5. Rotate and Roll
  6. Red Ball 4: Volume 1
  7. Handulum+
  8. Jelly Truck
  9. Soccer Random
  10. Super Santa Kicker

What are the best Physics Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Rig-A Bridge
  2. Puttin' Pirates
  3. Toxic Targets
  4. Handulum+
  5. Jelly Truck

Discover your new favorite subject!

Do you think Physics is difficult? Physics Games will help you see this subject in a new light! In fact, Physics is much more than a class you take in school. More precisely, it's a fundamental science that deals with the study of matter. It includes many ideas, from what it consists of to how it moves through space and time. Besides, energy and force are related ideas that physicians also study. To sum up, physics deals with the way the universe works!

Did you know that physics is one of the oldest sciences, along with astronomy? Over 2000 years ago in Greece, thinkers proposed an interesting theory: what if every event has a natural cause? It turned out to be a great idea that led to the discovery of the laws of physics! In fact, many of the ancient physicists' discoveries still ring true today!

Nowadays, physics covers a broad area of subjects! Mechanics, electricity, optics, and magnetism are branches of classic physics. On the other hand, modern physics deals with how matter behaves in extreme conditions or on a very large or very small scale. It even relates to the world of gaming!

Unexpectedly, video games and physics go hand in hand! All video game creators need to understand its laws to make the objects in their games move. These mechanics aren't always realistic, but they have to be enjoyable for the player! In one way or another, the games in this category highlight the physics laws set by the game designers.

Physics games are great for any curious player who likes to experiment! Older kids and teens might enjoy them even more because they get to practice and improve their skills on a challenging school subject while having tons of fun!

Rely on the laws of physics to win!

Even if most video games use physics in some way, Physics Games focus heavily on the player understanding the laws of physics and using them to their advantage. To discover how everything works, the player should first try things out!

The beginning of each game encourages players to try stuff and see what happens. Therefore, levels progress from easy to complex, helping players figure out how the in-game universe works. One thing is sure: Curiosity doesn't kill the cat in this category!

Some of these quests are realistic - objects move just like they would in real life. Therefore, players know what to expect. They can even use these games to practice concepts they study in school, such as gravity, projectile movements, or ball drops. How fascinating!

On the other hand, some of our physics challenges feature completely unrealistic mechanics! From dazzling explosions to crazy swinging and bouncing, they'll leave players in awe! Nevertheless, all these spectacular movements still go by some rules. If aspiring physicists can discover them, they'll control even the wildest environments!

No matter how high your grades in physics are, if you're curious and love to experiment, you have a chance of acing these games. All it takes is a willingness to try! After all, that's how the best discoveries came about!

Try out all kinds of Physics Games!

As you know by now, most games involve physics! However, there are some classic challenges that define this category. Others use the idea of experiments and how things move in a creative way. No matter your preference, one thing is clear: They're must-play games!

Simple ideas can turn into fun and complex challenges! Some quests here rely on basic items and objects, like a swinging rope, a slingshot, or a bouncing ball. Such games lure many fans, thanks to the solid game design and fun mechanics. For instance, the Red Ball 4: Volume 1 game is one of the best versions of a legendary physics challenge featuring a googly-eyed red ball. How cute!

Some sports also heavily rely on the laws of physics! Anything that involves a ball, a target, and some obstacles will challenge our player's physics knowledge. Besides, the thrill of scoring after a bunch of planning and experimentation is so enjoyable! Soccer, volleyball, and mini-golf are just some of the fun sports that players can try. For example, they can flex their physics muscles in the Mini Putt 3 game!

Physics can be fun and silly too! After all, creativity can transcend any laws, but not the laws of physics! Curiosity, physics skills, and unconventional tools can help players reach their goals. Giving Santa a kick in the butt, driving a truck made of jelly, or competing in a murderous race are a few things you can do here. For daring players, quests like the House of Hazards game are perfect for testing their skills while having wild and silly fun!

All in all, Physics Games help you understand how the world works! Not only will they make you smarter, but they'll also help you get a new appreciation for one of the best subjects in the world!

There are currently 53 free online Physics games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30.